Lima & Cusco


The coastal city of Lima is the largest in Peru, with 43 sprawling districts inhabiting over 8 million people. Our trip began there for logistical reasons, but we thoroughly enjoyed a total of 3 days in the capital. While Peru is still considered by to be a third world country, Lima is modern, safe and full of wonderful food and shopping around every corner.


A Pisco Sour is the cocktail of choice in Peru, so naturally we felt obliged to try them over and over again as a sign of cultural respect. Pisco is the a type of liquor (see the bottles in the photo below), and the other typical ingredients include lime juice, syrup, ice, egg white and Angostura bitters.

A Chilcano is another fantastic, highly recommended Peruvian cocktail. Instead of the egg white, syrup and ice, it includes refreshing ginger ale.


What a lovely place is Cusco, a common basecamp for hikers, sitting 11,200 feet above sea level in the midst of the Andes mountains. It’s important to spend at least 2-3 days here prior to doing any hiking so that you can acclimate to the altitude. Steeped in Inca history, it’s a beautiful place to visit and is very easy to get around. We enjoyed phenomenal food (Uchu) and accommodation (Samana) during our stay, both at very reasonable rates.