On a recent trip to southern France, Copenhagen turned out to be the perfect 36-hour stopover. With its beautiful waterways, picturesque architecture and world-renowned culinary delights, there was a lot to take in during our brief visit.

We chose to stay in the modern Absalon Hotel, which is a quick 10-minute walk from the train station (recommended transportation from the airport). The hotel looks brand new, has quiet, well-apportioned rooms, and we found the location to be quite convenient. The free breakfast was also quite nice.


Our first meal was among the most memorable we've ever had, thanks to Chef Matt Orlando and his gourmet restaurant, Amass. Matt is an American (from San Diego), but is well-known for being the first Chef de Cuisine at Noma, arguably the world's best restaurant. In 2013, he opened Amass, a 25-minute cab ride from town, complete with a beautiful garden that produces much of the food prepared each night.

Over the course of a few hours, we were treated to course after course of delightful food and drink. The food was outstanding, and the service was perfect. I'd highly recommend making the trip out for a meal, as it's one we won't soon forget.

Freetown Christiania

One place we were curious to visit while in Copenhagen is the Christiania neighborhood. The place has a super interesting history, but today is a relic of an "autonomous society" that has seen better days. They ask that you don't take any photos of the neighborhood, but about the only thing it's known for today is being tolerant of the sale and use of marajuana.

That said, there is a very good reason to visit Christiania, especially if you care for high quality vegan food. There's a wonderful restaurant called morgenstedet, which serves fresh, colorful vegan dishes of the highest quality. We ate outside in the garden and had an awesome meal. While Christiania was sort of disappointing, this restaurant made the trip very worthwhile.


For the more typical Copenhagen experience you've seen in photos, you'll want to spend time in the neighborhood of Nyhavn. In addition to the colorful architecture, this is where the popular canal tours embark. We took one and very much enjoyed it.

There's also wonderful shopping and restaurants nearby. My favorite store was Illums Bolighus, which features a ton of Danish design, but also modern products from other (mostly Scandanavian) countries as well.

Gardens and Parks

The city of Copenhagen has several large green spaces worth an afternoon of your time, whether you just walk around, lie down for a quick nap, or visit some historic sites nearby. We spent a couple of hours enjoying the Botanical Gardens and walking near the Rosenborg Castle in particular.

Tivoli Gardens

One last treasure you absolutely must experience on your visit to Copenhagen is Tivoli Gardens. It's an amusement park, one like we've never experienced before, right in the city center. It has all the charm of what I imagine an old school amusement park to have. There are rides, wonderful restaurants, perfectly manicured gardens and more. It's tough to put the experience into words, but you absolutely must go.