As you can imagine, Amsterdam was perfect. I think it's easily one of the world's top ten cities, maybe top five. The architecture, curated canals and the bike culture make it a really special place.

Anyone that thinks of Amsterdam as something seedy or as a party city simply hasn't been there. It's the total opposite — clean, quiet and peaceful. Everyone speaks English. I'd love to live there someday.

Gay Pride Day

We learned soon after booking the trip that we'd be in Amsterdam during gay pride. It lasts for a couple weeks, but there's one BIG celebration where the whole city turns up to watch a three-hour parade and party through the night. It was SO fun.

Even for heteros like us, gay pride is a really fun thing to participate in. It's all about celebrating diversity, and for people in the US, celebrating people's right to love who they want to. Amsterdam was one of the first places to support gay rights and it was memorable to be there.